Unapologetically Religious

photographer:  Oliver Sjöström

photographer: Oliver Sjöström

We, at least in the Muslim community, have often heard the term "unapologetically Muslim". At a time when hate crimes are at an all time high, where false news is available everywhere, and a bigot as our president, it can be difficult to be so obviously Muslim.

That phrase is to inspire us and encourage us to be Muslim and be proud. To not apologize where we come from even amidst all the blame thrown our way. Although I do agree we are at the forefront of attacks against religion, I believe anyone acting "religious" is looked down upon.

It's not common for bloggers or youtubers to talk about religion. It's something we all hide behind, whether you're Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Mormon, etc. Somehow, non-religious tends to be synonymous with smarter, educated people. The science vs religion debate supports that. But why? A lot of amazing discoveries have come from leaders in the movement who are also, you guessed it, religious. 

I will admit I don't know enough about other religions to debate them, but in Islam, there is no "science vs religion" argument. Science has been catching up to what was taught to us through our book and prophet. Science agrees with Islam. It's just taken some time for science to catch up.

So I urge you, whatever religion you believe in, to be unapologetically religious.


Fatima Seyma