Five TV shows worth the binge


Have you ever found yourself using every possible free minute to watch a TV show? If not, you haven't found that perfect bingeworthy TV show. Take it from me, the girl who starts imagining character's voices in her head and lives in a TV-scenario world after binging on these shows. Here are my top 5 shows that are totally worth the binge.

1. Grey's Anatomy

If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. 14 seasons of surgeries, comedy, and drama, and definitely some heartbreak and crying. It's not only an amazing storyline, but brings awareness to issues ranging from being women and being black, to domestic abuse. Spoiler alert: most of the leaders in the department are women. Boss women. How's that for #girlpower.

2. Friends

Although I haven't completely finished binging this one, it's the show that inspired this post. I've been watching it constantly this last week and am already on Season 5. The short episodes with jokes and sentiment will have you quickly fall in love with the characters, making it an easy and very enjoyable binge.

3. How to Get Away with Murder

Another drama by the amazing Shonda Rhimes, she sure knows how to write a show. This one is more of a mystery with, as you guessed it, murders. The lead is Annalise Keating, a powerful black woman, as Shonda does best. The storyline follows a group of students that assist Annalise on criminal cases and mysteries and dark secrets that pop up every episode and test the characters.

4. Suits

If you love the world of law, combined with wit and charm, this show is for you. The show follows Harvey Spector and Mike Ross, but one of my favorites is, you guessed it, another boss woman, Donna Paulsen. There's a bit of drama, a lot of being awesome with Harvey, and it doesn't hurt that the characters are always dressed to the nines.

5. Big Little Lies

This miniseries follows the story of five women in Monterey Bay, around a murder that they flashforward to. The mystery of not only the identity of the murderer, but the victim and how they died keeps you coming back for more. (FYI- there are some inappropriate scenes with nudity which I don't approve of, so be careful when watching)


What are your binge worthy TV shows?

Fatima Seyma