2018 Fall Bucketlist


October is finally here! A lovely welcome to best month of the year; and even though fall technically started about a week ago, it doesn’t really feel like fall until October comes around. The air is slowly becoming more crisp, the leaves burst with color as the year comes to an end, and warm drinks nestle between our hands, unless of course you live in California and are stuck with iced drinks for who knows how much longer. But a girl can dream.

I wanted to make October (and fall) this year more fun by actively taking out the time to do fall activities and be more present in the moment and enjoy the brief time we have an active fall. My list has a mix of both bigger, more time consuming events, and quick little things to make fall time feel more special.

Feel free to take any or all ideas from me to make your own list, and let me know if there’s a fall must I’ve forgotten

Fall Bucketlist

  1. DIY some fall decor

  2. Attend a Fall Harvest

  3. Read a book in a cafe (bonus points if its raining)

  4. Go on a fall hike

  5. Watch a classic Halloween movie

  6. Warm up by a bonfire + make smores

  7. Bake a fall-flavored dessert

  8. Get lost in a corn maze

  9. Make a warm drink at home

  10. Take a nature walk and collect leaves to press

  11. Put googly eyes on at least one thing

  12. Make a gratitude list

  13. Enjoy a warm fall flavored drink

  14. Go to a drive-in movie

  15. Paint nails a dark color

  16. Create and enjoy a fall playlist


  17. Try out horseback riding

  18. Go to a football game

  19. Check out a haunted house

  20. Go apple picking


Whats on your fall bucket list?

Fatima Seyma