February Reading List

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I spent most of January trying to finish Growing up X and unfortunately I couldn't finish all three books on my list (I blame Friends for distracting me from my reading time). So for February, blink is back on the list and I'm hoping to finish it this month!

My thoughts on January's books:

Growing up X: I loved reading about Ilyasah's life after the assasination of her father, and how it felt to be known as "Malcolm X's daughter" and to live with certain expectations from others. It really motivated me to read his autobiography, but seeing as I have more than a hundred books on my list, it'll have to wait.

What I know for sure: Oprah's wisdom from her many years was a nice reminder to relax a little. The overall theme tended to circle around trusting yourself and knowing your worth, and knowing what to truly value and cherish those things/people.


Fatima Seyma