The Four Queens Long Sleeve

The Four Queens Long Sleeve


Long Sleeve version of our Four Queens T shirt.

Dedicated to the four queens of jannah (heaven), the best women of mankind. Inspired by mothers day to bring awareness and appreciation to our amazing mothers of Islam, and our own mothers as well.

Our Four Mothers are four women who are given high honor and respect in Islam. These women are known for their piety, patience, loyalty, purity, and sincerity.

They are:

Khadijah (RA): The Prophet Muhammad (S)'s wife

Fatima (AS): The Prophet (S)'s daughter

Maryam (AS) (Mary): The mother of Eissa/Jesus (AS)

Asiyah (AS): The wife of the pharaoh that stood up to him and took prophet Musa (AS) (Moses) from the river and raised him as her own

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100% Cotton

Size Chart:

                 S      M       L       XL    (for XXL+ please contact!)

length     28     29      30      31

width    18      20      22      24


Length: From shoulder seam at collar to hem. Width: Side to side 1" below sleeves.